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Jules Opperman

Operations Manager & Business Broker

About Me

Jules Opperman is Operations Manager and Broker at CRE Brokers, her career is defined by more than a decade of leadership and expertise in the realm of business management. With 13 years of dedicated service at CRE Brokers, Jules has established herself as a cornerstone of the organisation, known for her exceptional management skills and in-depth understanding real estate.

Throughout her career, Jules has honed a unique skill set that combines operational knowledge with strategic brokerage acumen. Her extensive experience in management has equipped her with the ability to streamline processes, optimise team performance, and drive business growth. Her vision extends beyond the immediate operational needs, with a keen eye on the evolving trends of the real estate market. Jules's commitment to staying ahead of industry changes has made her an invaluable resource not just to CRE Brokers but to their clientele as well. She understands that the success of her clients is intertwined with the success of CRE, and she dedicates herself to ensuring both are achieved.

As she continues her journey with CRE Brokers, Jules remains focused on enhancing operational excellence and driving innovative brokerage solutions. Her dedication to her role and her clients is unwavering, and she looks forward to many more years of contributing to the growth and success of CRE Brokers.

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