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Steph Mannix

Business Broker - NSW & Victoria

About Me

Born into the hospitality realm with memories rooted in her family's motel in Western Victoria, Steph’s journey in the industry spans over 15 years. Her deep connection with hospitality didn't end there; today, she, alongside her husband Dan and their young son, proudly own and operate a charming motel in regional Victoria.

This hands-on experience has furnished Steph with a comprehensive understanding of the motel industry’s nuances. Coupled with her impeccable communication skills, she's poised to offer invaluable insights and support to her clients.

A trusted name in the North Eastern Victoria and Riverina regions, Steph's reputation is one built on reliability, honesty, and consistent delivery. Her familiarity with the region’s pulse allows her to navigate its unique demands and opportunities, ensuring her clients always find their best fit.

As part of the CRE Brokers team, Steph channels her industry knowledge into wider avenues. But what truly sets her apart is her vivacious personality. Steph thrives on human connection, and her genuine, energetic approach ensures that every engagement is both productive and pleasant.

With Steph's blend of industry expertise and regional insights, clients can anticipate a seamless experience, whether they’re embarking on a new venture or seeking to transition from an existing one.

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