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Rohan Pertzel

Director & Business Broker

About Me

Hailing from South Western Victoria with roots firmly planted on a farm near Timboon, Rohan Pertzel carries with him not just an intimate understanding of the region but also a legacy of dedication. This legacy is evident in his 20-year illustrious journey through the hospitality sector, where he successfully spearheaded and managed an array of hotels, restaurants, and accommodation venues. A notable highlight includes his ten-year stewardship of the Jan Juc Hotel.

Prior to his foray into hospitality, Rohan sharpened his skills with over 15 years in sales and marketing roles at prominent organisations. This combined experience of sales prowess and an insider's view of hospitality positions Rohan as an expert, equipped to navigate both the intricacies and broad strokes of the industry.

Located in Torquay, Rohan’s expertise now extends to regions close to his heart: Ballarat—where he resided for many years, Geelong, The Surf Coast, and the South West. His in-depth regional knowledge, paired with his professional background, ensures both vendors and buyers are in capable hands.

Recently, Rohan's fervor for the industry culminated in him joining Kevin, Phil & Craig as a Director of CRE.

And while his days on the football and cricket fields of country Victoria might be behind him, Rohan channels that same energy and passion into every business endeavor.

Whether you're looking to purchase or sell, with Rohan's expertise, you're set for a journey defined by clarity, commitment, and success.

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